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Post 16 Choices 2011

Students in the performing arts block

Brooke Weston Sixth Form

At Brooke Weston we provide you with the environment to support your individual development, over the course of your Post 16 studies. We work hard to ensure that the transition from Year 11 into the Sixth Form enables you to develop the specific skills you need to achieve your target grades and broaden your experiences. As a Sixth Form student, you will enjoy more independence in your individual learning and your life. You will have the difficult task of balancing the different aspects of your life: study, a social and sporting life and perhaps a part-time job. Brooke Weston recognises that you have many demands on your time and we will work with you to ensure that you are able to experience a range of activities alongside your academic studies.

We expect considerable commitment from you both in your studies and as a positive role model within our school community. To succeed you will need to attend all your lessons, tutor times and assemblies, hand in homework and supervised self-study work and meet all deadlines. Of course, there will be times when you need additional support; timely communication with your tutor and teachers will provide the support you need. An important and continuous element of the support we provide is through the role of the tutor who is available on a daily basis to work with you in meeting your targets. This pastoral role also recognises the importance of keeping your parents/guardians informed when necessary. Alongside this provision, the Head of Year 12 will monitor and track the progress of the year group. Working with Sixth Form mentors, the team will work with individual students identifying and providing additional support for those students who need it. The mentoring programme provides an environment in which you can discuss candidly the issues you have and seek solutions with your mentor.

It is expected that you will value the positive ethos at Brooke Weston and recognise the important role that you, as a Sixth Form student, play in perpetuating this approach. Brooke Weston has a reputation for working closely with students to help them achieve their goals. The Sixth Form Learning Agreement serves to remind students of the expectations that we have and the basic qualities that are needed to succeed in the Sixth Form and society in general. The learning agreement emphasises a positive approach in the learning environment; an approach which will lead to success at this important stage of your education.

The professional and business-like appearance of staff and students sets an impressive standard; a standard that is recognised by our visitors who acknowledge the positive tone this creates. We expect Sixth Form students to adopt a similar business style dress. It is unacceptable for you to wear dress that does not meet the requirements of our dress code and you will be invited to return home if you attend dressed inappropriately. The Principal reserves the right to be the final judge as to dress.

We are committed to support you through to the world of work or to higher or further education. In doing so, we will provide timely information and ensure that we help you choose an opportunity that is right for you, with a view to maximising your potential. We have considerable expertise in offering advice and guidance on personal statements, educational references, careers and preparing CVs and job applications.

An important aspect of our success in supporting students throughout their time at Brooke Weston is recognising the individual nature of all students. We therefore, recognise that students have a variety of learning styles which may reflect a preference for a particular route at Post 16.

We offer both academic courses; exam-based courses required for course entry by the high profile universities and applied courses; coursework-based courses which focus on a particular career route but still enable access to good universities. It is entirely appropriate for some students to take a mix of academic and applied courses.

Copyright © 2007 - 2014, Brooke Weston. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2007 - 2014, Brooke Weston. All rights reserved.
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