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More A Level success stories

More A Level success stories
Nora Hollos.
More A Level success stories
Tom Grisley.
More A Level success stories
Maria Garvey.
More A Level success stories
Marsha Green and Stephanie Cross.
Friday 16th August 2013 by C. Freeman

Here are a few more profiles of our top performing A Level students and their plans for the future:

Nora Hollos is going to study medicine in Debrecen in Hungary. The course will be taught in English and, when it ends in seven years, Nora plans to become a doctor: ‘I decided to apply to Debrecen as it is my home town. There are not many universities in the UK that do dissections on the human body, many do simulations, but the course in Hungary includes dissection, which is a key part of medicine. I am going to miss England as I have been here since I was a baby.’

Marsha Green achieved straight A grades in Biology, Chemistry and English and will study medicine at the University of Leicester. Her course will include three years core training and then two years of specialisation. ‘At the moment I am thinking of specialising in surgery, paediatrics or cardiology. My advice is to start revision early and go over your AS things again and be comfortable where you are sitting so you can concentrate properly.’

Tom Grisley got a Distinction * in eBusiness, Distinctions in single and Double IT and an A grade in Geography. His results mean he has secured a place to study Computer Science in Lancaster: ‘I feel happy that it is over and that I got the results that I wanted. I will just see where it takes me after I get my degree. I will probably lead to something to do with programming, maybe with a software company.’

Maria Garvey is going to study architecture at Westminster after gaining A grades in 3D Art and Design and Business Studies and Bs in DT and Maths. ‘The course is going to be seven years in total. For GCSE I did Construction in the Built Environment and I enjoyed that. I like the arts side of it and buildings fascinate me.’

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