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BWA awarded an SSAT Leading Edge Innovation Grant

Brooke Weston Academy has successfully won an SSAT Leading Edge Innovation Grant which will fund an ongoing research project into the impact of an ‘interleaved curriculum’ for Year 7 students.

This means that, instead of a topic being taught just once, key themes are repeated at intervals using a variety of media and sources. The expectation is that this approach will embed the learning, allowing it to be more easily recalled, which will have greater impact on students’ outcomes.

Vice Principal Rebecca Waterson and Assistant Principal Matt Rodger, submitted the grant bid to the SSAT (Schools, Students and Teachers network) outlining the project and its predicted benefits, which include better outcomes at GCSE and increased ‘cultural capital’ for all.

The interleaved curriculum is already being put in place for our Year 7 students, by the addition of an extra lesson of English each week and a ‘Beyond the Book’ session where texts, extracts, sources and images are all linked back to the main termly topic.

The SSAT Leading Edge Innovation Grant team told Brooke Weston Academy: ‘Your application has been selected from a large number of submissions. Our panel thought that your project sounds very interesting and that other schools would likely benefit from engaging with it.’

Mrs Waterson said: ‘We are delighted to receive this funding in support of such a fantastic project. Our findings will be submitted in July 2019 and then published in the SSAT journal, along with other winning bids. This enriched curriculum will also form part of the talk that Matt Rodger and I will be delivering at the SSAT conference next month on implementing a creative curriculum.’

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