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  • BWA's restaurant goes green

    Published 08/01/19

    Brooke Weston Academy is cutting down on food waste and introducing a range of wooden and compostable resources in its restaurant to enable it to be as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible.

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  • Christmas lunch festivities

    Published 20/12/17

    Brooke Weston’s Principal, Mr Peter Kirkbride and Director of Education Miss Trish Stringer have been getting into the festive spirit by helping the restaurant team serve more than 1,100 turkey dinners over the past two days, donning Christmas hats and attire to dish out the festive fare.

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  • Restaurant Manager Mrs Gray retires after 25 years

    Published 11/05/17

    Brooke Weston’s restaurant manager, Christine Gray, is retiring after 25 years in the role, having worked with thousands of our students over the years.

    Christine started working at Brooke Weston as a general assistant in the restaurant and has seen a lot of changes in the school. ‘When I first began working here 25 years ago there were only 350 students, since then the restaurant has been extended, the library has been built and we have had a brand new extention for performing arts.

    ‘Brooke Weston has been really good to me during my time here. I left school when I was 15 and since working here I have completed my Level 3 NVQ management course and learnt how to use a computer, which terrified me at first! My role here is slightly different to other catering managers within the trust I do all the finance myself, which includes bacs runs, ensuring suppliers get paid, and reconciling the students lunch money. I used to do it all in books but now it’s done on the computer. I have a fabulous team of 18 who have all worked with me a long time, some of them 15-20 years and I will miss them all so much.

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  • Senior team serve Christmas lunch

    Published 21/12/16

    Brooke Weston’s senior team got in the festive spirit by serving 1,100 turkey dinners over the past two days. Executive Principal Trish Stringer, Associate Principal Peter Kirkbride plus Vice Principals Simon Underwood and Cristina Taboada-Naya and Business Manager Chris Stewart donned Christmas hats and attire to dish out the festive fare.

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