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IT Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship

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As part of this opportunity, duties include:

  • The most common digital office technologies, including collaborative tools, that are used by organisations for internal and external communications
  • Modern digital infrastructure, including computer systems fundamentals, including physical, virtual and cloud; physical systems including hardware peripherals; operating software and software devices; servers; the internet of things; networking fundamentals; virtualisation technologies and cloud
  • The importance of and the technologies for backing up data securely
  • How to apply the processes and procedures for the secure handling of data
  • The concepts and fundamentals of data, including searching, storing, integrating and organising data; the key features and functions of information systems; data formats and their importance for analysis; data entry and maintenance; visualisation and presentation of data, data modelling, relationship modelling and data analysis to identity trends and insights
  • The organisational importance of information security and its management including following policies and procedures and key legislative requirements
  • The major types of threats and risk that apply to any organisation with a working understanding of those that apply to their role and the associated best practice for their own secure working
  • Operational aspects of risk including maintaining steady/state business as usual security principals for individuals and systems including personal data, access identity management. encryption and passwords
  • The individual and company risks, responsibilities and requirements in relation to legislation, professional ethics, privacy and confidentiality and the implications for their role
  • The principles behind an organisation’s digital presence   and delivery and the techniques required to maintain this and how to represent and safeguard the brand and reputation in relation to the digital offer
  • How best to communicate using the different digital communication channels and how to adapt appropriately to different audiences
  • The limitations and extent of the internet to be able to connect to, research, locate and access information securely
  • How to plan and organise own learning activities to maintain and develop digital skills
  • The importance of effective time management and the need to prioritise effectively
  • The need for continuous improvement with the application and use of digital technologies and how this benefits the organisation
  • Awareness of current, emerging and fringe digital technologies and how this benefits the organisation
  • The most common productivity software applications used to create, update, edit, manage, analyse and present data and information and best working processes
  • The main features and benefits of digital information systems and how these are used to maintain information and to support service delivery and best working practices
  • The basic working practices for productive use and maintenance of business hardware, software and networks
  • Agile methodologies and working practices, continuous innovation with continuous development (CIDC)
  • How organisations incorporate digital technologies into key business functions, such as finance, sales and marketing, operations and HR and the implications for their role
  • How to assist with digital operations and digital change projects
  • How to train and support internal colleagues to make the best use of the organisation’s technology-based productivity tools
  • The features and key differences between different data storage systems including the cloud and databases

This apprenticeship is delivered through Primary Goal,


As a Primary Goal apprentice, you will have access to:

  • Blended learning programme with a mix of flipped learning content and live sessions
  • Live sessions delivered by Ed-Tech experts i.e. Google and Microsoft trainers
  • Level 3 Digital Application Technician apprenticeship standard
  • Access to e-learning training materials and online webinars
  • Specialist vendor and technical certifications for example, Microsoft Innovative Educator Programs and Google Educator awards
  • Monthly work-based coaches visits and competency checks
  • 9 am – 5 pm Support desk for technical support

For more information and to apply, please visit the following Link:
Digital Champion (Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship) - Primary Goal - Career Page (

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