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Key Worker Information

Brooke Weston Academy has taken a number of actions to ensure that students can work safely whilst at school. Space is limited however, and we therefore need to work with parents and carers to ensure that coming in to school is absolutely necessary. Online learning and Teams will remain the predominant platform for student learning, and therefore computers are still in use everyday just as they would be at home. 

If your son/daughter is currently attending BWA

We have attached the school guide and behaviour contract which students must adhere to.

To help us ensure that we are able to effectively co-ordinate the pods we also need to have student places confirmed weekly, along with a packed lunch option. To facilitate this planning please complete the following form each week:

If you are considering sending your son/daughter to BWA

Although we will continue to support vulnerable children or those of key workers, it would be impossible to return all students safely.

As such we are asking that you take the following into consideration before requesting that you son/daughter return to Brooke Weston Academy:

·         There is a limited bus service and students require dropping off and picking up your child

·         The school is open from 08:35 to 16:05, and is closed promptly thereafter

·         We only use specific areas of the school in order to allow effective cleaning

·         We have taken steps to ensure that students and staff are social distancing

·         To limit contact there is currently no specialist teaching for the students

·         All teaching is currently happening on Teams and through assignments or online packages

·         Students at school need to continue to access work by using computers, as they would at home

Due to the need for computers and social distancing it is important that wherever possible parents keep students at home, particularly if students are already engaging in Teams, as this will be the same provision at school.

We do understand however that circumstances are different for everyone, so if you feel that you need our support we are asking that you let us know at least a week in advance so that we can review the return to school request. As student numbers increase, so will the number of staff and venues are required.

If you feel that you do need a space for your child, in order to help us effectively co-ordinate your child’s return could you please complete the online form with your details and reason for returning. Please note that evidence of your status as a critical worker may be requested in order to help us facilitate students returning 

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