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Year 6 Transition Information

Welcome to Brooke Weston Academy’s Year 6 into 7 transition page.

We recognise that this year has been a difficult time for your children and therefore we have endeavoured to provide as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

On this page you will find a number of resources created to ensure your child has an insight into life at Brooke Weston.  This is includes videos of current Year 7 students who outline their experience of the transition process and their first year here under such challenging circumstances, videos of tutors, booklets and more.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your children to the Brooke Weston family.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Kerr
Transition Lead

First day and transition day

Due to the easing of restrictions being delayed, we are unable to provide a face-to-face transition day this year.  Below you will find a multitude of resources aimed at ensuring your child has a secure transition into life at Brooke Weston next academic year.

The first day for Year 7's is the 2nd September 2021.

Transition Introduction Video


Brooke Weston Tour

Below you will find a video that gives an insight into the many departments and facilities here at Brooke Weston.


Year 7 Interviews

We understand how challenging this year has been for your child and the anxiety around starting a new school under such difficult circumstances.  The video below are a number of interviews conducted with our current Year 7 cohort.  Having experienced a similar transition and start, it shows how well the current students have adapted.


Year 7 starter booklet

Year 7 starter booklet can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Tutor Reveal

You will have received an email on the 5th July 2021 explaining who your child’s tutor is.  If you have not received this email please contact:

Tutor Videos

Although your child will not meet their tutor face to face before September, the videos below offer an insight into who their tutors are, what their interests are and a picture to put a face to a name.

7B Tutor Group


7K Tutor Group


7N Tutor Group

7R Tutor Group

7S Tutor Group

7T Tutor Group

7W Tutor Group


Tutor Booklet

Below is a virtual copy of a Tutor Booklet your child will receive in the post to complete over the summer.  This booklet allows your child to detail any worries they may have but also to include personal details which will allow their tutors to get to know them in the new term.
Please bring this into school on the first day.

Transition Sessions

Below you will find a series of videos giving tasters into a variety of Brooke Weston lessons.  These sessions are no more than 30-40 minutes and your child can access them as and when they choose to do so.  There is no pressure to complete them all or to do them within a strict time line.


Design Technology



Performing Arts



Literacy Booklet

At Brooke Weston we know that having a broad and rich vocabulary will lead to success. Research has shown a direct link between academic success and prosperous careers, and those who have a working expansive vocabulary. We also know that this same breadth of vocabulary can underpin students' confidence and their ability to be articulate - both essential life skills.

Below you will find a literacy booklet that we hope you will encourage your child to complete over the summer. It entails a literacy bingo and a ‘best piece of writing’ structure, please ensure your child brings this will them in September.

This will be uploaded on the 16th July 2021.

Year 7 Parent Letter

BW Reading Bingo

Year 7 Best Writing Cover letter

Year 7 Best writing Submission 




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