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Welcome to Brooke Weston Academy

Brooke Weston Academy is one of the top achieving schools in England and rated by Ofsted as Outstanding.

The education of your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent and I am delighted that you are considering Brooke Weston Academy.

The vision of our founders was to create a school that relentlessly focused on helping every student meet their potential in order to open up a lifetime of opportunities. For more than 25 years, Brooke Weston Academy’s staff and students have risen to this challenge and turned our founders vision into reality’.

Today, Brooke Weston Academy is one of the most successful comprehensive schools in the country. Our focus on outstanding teaching, deep pastoral care and a creative curriculum means that every student thrives.

We work hard to develop curiosity, a love of learning, resilience and kindness in our students. Brooke Weston Academy’s success has been recognised with an outstanding judgement from Ofsted and we are helping lead the education system  through our work as the lead school of the Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance.

We are proud of our academic record and our results in both Year 11 and the Sixth Form are outstanding. However, we are about so much more than just academic success. Day to day the academy is filled with students participating in vibrant music, arts and drama, as well as engaging lessons in science, maths and the humanities among others. As a school we offer an extensive range of sports, charity events, trips and expeditions, all of which combine to create a caring and highly successful academy.

Mr Shaun Strydom

Congratulations to our Year 12 students who have been appointed as Brooke Weston’s student leaders for the coming year; Matthew Russell, Academic Leader; Isabel Offor, Diversity and Inclusion Leader; Rufus Mathew, Charities and Community Leader and Klaudia Majewska, Wellbeing Leader.           

Matthew and Rufus, who both joined Brooke Weston in Year 7, are hoping to make a real difference to school life. Matthew, who is studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography, intends to pursue a career in the pharmaceuticals and drug development industry after studying Chemistry at university.

He said, ‘I applied for the role of academic leader because the ideals of the role resonated with me. My vision is to have an extensive, student-led study session programme in place across all subjects in order to build on the mentoring already present at Brooke Weston. I look forward to working alongside my fellow student leaders and I’m ready to put my ideas into reality and give something back to Brooke Weston before I leave at the end of Year 13.’

Rufus, who has plans to study dentistry at university, is studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

He said, ‘I applied for the position of Charity and Community leader as I want to help people on a wider scale. I want to foster more empathy and a greater desire to help within our school; ideals and values that I hope our students will carry with them through every stage of life that lies ahead. Being a student leader will help provide me with the leadership and teamwork experience that I would need to pursue a career in dentistry as well as enabling me to help make a positive impact on our community.’

Isabel and Klaudia, both joined Brooke Weston Academy relatively recently at the start of Year 12. Isabel is studying Business, Psychology and English Literature and has plans to study law at University, with ambitions of becoming a solicitor.

She said, ‘I decided to apply for the Diversity and Inclusion student leader position because I believe that implementing more focus on these areas can help us build a more welcoming community and environment. I plan to place inspirational quotes of individuals who have shaped our society today around the school to allow students to learn and help them understand how these people have helped influence our society. I felt honoured and proud that I had been chosen to represent my school and I'm glad that I get to be a part of a team that can work together and be a part of the future steps for Brooke Weston.’

Klaudia, who is studying Psychology, Sociology and Biology, hopes to study Psychology at university and has aspirations to become a clinical psychologist.

She said, ‘I chose to apply for the Wellbeing role as I believe having good mental health is key in order to be successful in school and I am passionate about making everyone feel safe and confident in school. I want to support those students who struggle with mental health issues and help them maintain a positive mind set, especially during challenging times such as exam season. I think the teachers at Brooke Weston are really supportive and want all the students to succeed and be their very best and they want to ensure that everyone is provided with support for their learning and well-being. I was very pleased to receive such a big responsibility within the school community, and I’m excited to get to work with the other members of the team and the teachers.’

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