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World Book Day Celebrations

BWA staff and students dress to impress for World Book Day celebrations

Brooke Weston Academy really set out to impress this year in its ‘World Book Day’ celebrations, with staff and students getting involved and celebrating their love of reading.

Subject departments got involved with their themed costumes and decorations with staff and students voting to decide the favourite theme.

Throughout the day students had a series of mythological inspired literacy activities to complete that helped them to craft a mesostic poem and transform a text into a modern day version, bringing their creativity and perspectives into their writing. There were also dual coded quizzes and hundreds of books issued to celebrate and encourage a love of reading at Brooke Weston Academy.

Students were given ‘Golden Tickets’ as rewards throughout the day from staff for engagement with work, dedication to learning and following the BWA way.

Literacy coordinator, Lauren Fitzjohn, said, ‘It was a pleasure as ‘Willy Wonka’ being able to exchange these tickets for books to read over the holidays. The whole academy had a truly fabulous day and I would like to thank all staff and students for their commitment to WBD 2023. The question now is …who will you be next year?’

World Book Day’s mission is ‘to offer every child and young person the opportunity to read and love books by giving them the chance to have a book of their own.’ This year, a new single-use digital version of the £1 WBD token can be printed at home, or scanned at the checkout of participating booksellers where they can be swapped for one of the £1 World Book Day books for FREE or use the token to get £1 off any book or audiobook worth £2.99 or more. Get your £1 WBD token here.








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