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Year 8 student victorious in Winter Kart Championships

Congratulations to Year 8 student Josh Parker who took first place in the Shenington Kart Winter Championships 2023.

Josh, who is in his second year of competitive kart racing, completed his MSA kart license after six races as a novice, always starting the heats at the back of the grid but managing to finish in the top five in all six races!

He has amassed a haul of trophies over several competitions racing under the banner of Spellfame Karting and Ambition Motorsports in the Rotax Inter Max class for ages 10–13 years.

Josh said, ‘I got involved in the sport through my dad who started racing BMX bikes as well as karts, and he now helps me train and maintain my own kart. I like the competitive nature of the sport and although it can be quite risky racing at speed, I do feel safe. My ambition is to progress to racing cars and to race in the British Touring Cars championships.’

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