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Year 12 students teach Year 7 the skills required for a formal debate  

The Year 12 IEC Debate Society engaged with a Year 7 class during a workshop to teach them about the requirements of a formal debate and to encourage them to have their voices and opinions heard.

The Debate Society planned all aspects of the lesson, including resources and integrated features they felt would be inspiring and engaging to the youngest members of the school.

Lauren Fitzjohn, Literacy Coordinator at BWA, and Debate Society leader said, ‘It was a very successful session, and I am really proud of how confident and articulate the debaters were and how responsive and engaged the year 7 class were. This was a fabulous opportunity across year groups and hopefully something we can do more of in the future.’

Comments from the Year 12 Debate Society members included:

Ray: ‘A refreshing and gratifying experience to teach and guide younger students. It was nice to have that responsibility and give others the same opportunity to broaden their horizons.’

Jack: ‘Great to see all the careful planning being executed, and it was lovely to break the bridge between the upper and lower school.’

Erin: ‘It was lovely to see the year 7’s so focused and engaged – they were so respectful to us, and it was great to know that they really enjoyed having the opportunity to have their voices heard.’

Ricards: ‘Delightful to see them having fun and that all our planning was fruitful – it was a really mutually enjoyable experience.’

Ben: ‘It was positive to see how engaged the year 7 students were and see them have such a mature attitude towards topics they felt powerfully about.’

Niamh: ‘It was lovely that they all got involved – no one felt excluded, and it was lovely to be able to reward them, and us, at the end of the session for their hard work with stickers!’

Feedback from the Year 7 included:

Lacey: ‘We got to do a lot of talking and the year 12 students tried to include everyone.’

Charlie: ‘I liked being in the smaller groups because it was easier to talk comfortably.’

Toby: ‘I enjoyed having the chance to discuss our views.’

Anthony: ‘It was fun and I got to share my opinion.’

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