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UCAS Discovery Exhibition

Year 12 students visit the UCAS Discovery Exhibition at the University of Bedfordshire

Year 12 students explored a world of exciting opportunities available to them when they visited the UCAS Discovery Exhibition at the University of Bedfordshire.

The UCAS Discovery Exhibition brings together experts to help student’s shortlist their options, all under one roof. Students had the opportunity to meet over 100 universities, colleges, and apprenticeship employers’ face-to face to discuss different options and pathways available to them. They met with admissions staff, course leaders, current students, and job recruiters and were able to listen to live expert talks and get the latest advice and information on different career choices.

Millie Richardson attended the travel and tourism seminar and said, ‘I found it useful as it identified the universities that offer appropriate degree courses and potential career paths that are possible from this starting point. It was a fantastic opportunity to not only meet with a great number of universities all in one place but also to get to explore the University of Bedfordshire campus.’

Ricards Puciks said, ‘I really enjoyed attending the UCAS Discovery event as it gave me the opportunity to talk face to face with numerous different universities. This has helped me start to identify those universities and courses I would like to apply for.’

Daniel Tobin attended the subject seminar on sport. He said, ‘It was very insightful as it tackled the misconception that sport may be considered a ‘soft’ subject at university and highlighted its importance.’

Post-16 Co-Curricular Coordinator, Mrs Hegarty said, ‘Attending the UCAS Discovery event is an absolutely essential part of our offer to Year 12. It acts as the catalyst for our students to fine tune their research in to courses and universities they may wish to explore further through attending open days and making effective use of their summer holidays to develop their personal statements. A particular highlight of the UCAS Discovery event this year was the return and expansion of the demonstration tent where students got the opportunity, not only to interact with the universities and admissions tutors, but also experience a flavour of the nature of the activities they may get to engage in as part of their field of expertise.’








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