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BWA Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

SEND Teaching Assistant continues her role as an ELSA

Congratulations to SEND Teaching Assistant /ELSA, Nicola Talbot, who will continue to practise as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) at Brooke Weston Academy after attending the required termly supervision sessions with an Educational Psychologist.

Nicola completed her initial training to become BWA’s first certified ELSA in July 2022 and continues to access regular supervision sessions as part of the programme.

The role of the ELSA is to provide proactive and planned intervention for individuals or groups of children who have emotional literacy difficulties. The ELSA helps children learn how to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them. They can provide time and space for students to think about their personal circumstances, and how they can manage them.

With increased levels of emotional well-being young people are able to: access learning more readily; face new challenges more effectively; develop better coping strategies; interact more successfully with others; enjoy school and home life more and go on to lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

Nicola said, ‘I have learnt so many new skills that will be beneficial to our students such as restorative approaches including how to help them build resilience and self-esteem and how to guide and support students with anxiety.’

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