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Sparx Maths Success

Sparx Maths highest achievers receive a reward for their efforts

Well done to the Brooke Weston Academy students who have collected the highest number of XP points in the last 12 months on the Sparx Maths platform for their respective year groups; Matthew Edwards (Y8), Akshara Perugu (Y9), Nengfu Yang (Y10), and Hassan Hurley (Y11).

The Maths department were proud to award the students with a badge of achievement for their efforts and as recognition for completing additional tasks in their Sparx Maths homework each week.

Head of Maths, Erin Van Wyk said, ‘Sparx XP or Experience Points are earned by students completing additional XP Boost Tasks in Maths. This is a real achievement, and we are so proud of them as a Maths team.’




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