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Performance Poet Visit

Dreadlock Alien celebrates Black History Month at BWA

Performance poet Dreadlock Alien, aka Richard Grant, was joined by fellow performance poet, and hip-hop artist Alan (Kurly) McGeachie, to entertain and inspire our students as part of the Black History Month (BHM) celebrations at Brooke Weston Academy.  

As well as a whole year group presentation celebrating BHM in Year 9, our Year 10 cohort looked at how to approach unseen poetry to prepare them for the poetry strand of their English examinations. Dreadlock Alien also delivered creative writing workshops for our students in the Success Centre as well as delivering an inspirational workshop to our Year 7 and 8 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. He also inspired our sixth form students during a presentation honouring the achievements of black women. 

Head Student Leader Jack-Brent Thomas, Year 13 said, ‘Having Dreadlock Alien visit was great fun. I know that my peers and I had a very enjoyable and insightful time thinking about what global issues mean the most to us and how we could transform them into a piece of written work. Additionally, I found it inspiring to hear about how Dreadlock Alien interpreted race in his 'colours' poem, which he delivered to us. Black History month is a really important time in which we reflect upon both the past and the present, as well as the experiences of others; something that Dreadlock Alien and Miss Jackson highlighted during their presentation.’

Emma Baxter, HLTA Inclusion, said, ‘The success centre thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Dreadlock Alien and Kurly. The students engaged wonderfully in the poetry-writing workshop and were happily reciting and sharing these in the group.'

Literacy Coordinator Lauren Fitzjohn said, ‘Dreadlock Alien and Kurly delivered yet another fantastic day of celebrations and inspiration at BWA. Celebrating the close to BHM in style with insightful cultural perspective, inspirational performance poetry and the stimuli to create empowering voices within the academy through the power of words. Students across KS3,4 and 5 were able to engage with inspirational writers and utilise their poetry skills to engage with cultural identity. Their sessions were inspiring, and I am so proud of the creative outcomes and maturity of the students at our academy.’
















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