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Student success in follow-on rounds to the Senior Maths Challenge

Well done to our Brooke Weston Academy students who put their Maths skills to the test again when they competed in the follow-on rounds of the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Senior Mathematical Challenge after achieving Gold Awards in the first round.

Year 13 students Marcus Ciobanu, Ethan Donaghy and Ellis Johnson all competed and received certificates of Qualification in the prestigious Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo Challenge with Ethan Hawksley (Y11) receiving a certificate of Merit and Best in School.

Dylan Chan (Y11) competed in the highest follow-on round, the Senior Olympiad, performing exceptionally well to receive a certificate of distinction.

Maths teacher Mary Shepherd said, ‘‘Congratulations to our students who took the invitational entries to the UKMT follow-on challenges at the end of 2023. This was a fantastic opportunity to show their maths skills in a national competition. We are so proud of their achievements.’

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