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Lewis Silkin Law Firm Careers Session

Students take part in a virtual career talk from professionals at Lewis Silkin Law Firm

Brooke Weston Academy had the privilege of hosting an engaging virtual legal careers session featuring professionals from Lewis Silkin Law Firm who talked to students across Year 9, Year 12 and Year 13, who had signed up for the session and had the opportunity to delve into the presenters' backgrounds and learn about their current job roles.

The session covered a range of topics, including:

- Insightful discussions on what it means to be a lawyer (barristers vs. solicitors, criminal vs. civil law)

- Exploring various routes into the legal field (apprenticeships, university, essential skills)

- Personal journeys and day-to-day work experiences of our presenters

- A vibrant Q&A session where students had the opportunity to get answers to their burning questions!

Annabelle Ng (Y9) said, ‘I liked learning about how there is just more than being a solicitor and that there are different jobs such as a barrister.’

Ornella Perera (Y9) said, ‘It was very interesting as they revealed the true lifestyle of a lawyer and the day-to-day basis of what they do.’

Yazmine Sharif (Y13) said, ‘It helped me to learn the different sectors within law and the different options which you can choose from when completing a law degree.’

A huge thank you to our presenters from Lewis Skilin Law Firm who inspired the next generation of legal minds:

Alex Kelham: Partner in Digital, Commerce & Creative Department

Elyssia White: Associate in Dispute Resolution Intellectual Property Department

 Angel Skyers: Solicitor Apprentice

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