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Young Person’s Advisory Council

Students invited to join the Young Person’s Advisory Council ‘Truth from the Youth’ session

Year 9 student Eilish Smith, and Year 10 students Seth Peel and Ciaran McNeilly Walker were invited by the North Northants Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS), to join the Young Person’s Advisory Council ‘Truth from the Youth’ session.

The IASS are committed to empowering the voices of young individuals and providing a platform for their valuable insights and opinions. Our students attended a meeting at the Council Chamber in Wellingborough where they collaborated with like-minded peers from different schools.

During the meeting they were able to share their thoughts and concerns, creating a tree displaying their ideas and recommendations for relevant services in and out of school.

SEND Teaching Assistant, Michael English, said, ’The session was very interactive with students playing musical instruments and working together in groups to discuss the changes they would like to see. They also discussed mental health issues and the different coping techniques they use to deal with their emotions. Participation in the Youth Council is important as it provides students with plenty of learning opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.’





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