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Design a Book Cover Competition

Well done to the winners of the Library Book Fair ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition

Congratulations to Paris Scott Year 7 and Year 8 students Michelle Udu and Vlad Yulpatov, whose book covers’ all won a prize in the Library Book Fair ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition.

Students from Years 7 and 8 had to design a book cover to be in with the chance of winning a book of their choice from those available at the Scholastic Book Fair. They could design a cover for a book they had read or an imaginary book made up by themselves, the only criteria being that the cover needed to be colourful, intriguing and eye catching and include information about the book, title and author’s name on the spine.

Paris and Michelle both made up a book title and designed a book cover and promotional blurb to go with it.

Paris based her winning cover on a real-life event, she said, ‘When I was in Year 6, I can remember being left out when my best friend started hanging out with someone else.’

Michelle said, ‘I got the inspiration for my title and cover from the song ‘Pure Imagination’ which features in the Wonka film. All you need to live in the place of your dreams is your imagination.’

Vlad said, ‘I decided to redesign the cover of one of the Skulduggery books by Derek Landy as it is my favourite series, but the covers are quite dull.’

Head of DT, Jenny Strydom judged the competition and said ‘I was extremely impressed with the winning entries. Well done to all three of the winners and to everyone who took part in the competition.’




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