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Year 9 Multi-Agency Day

Year 9 learn about the consequences of serious crime during a series of workshops

Our Year 9 students attended a day of activities and workshops at Brooke Weston Academy as part of an early intervention initiative to address Northamptonshire Police’s matters-of-priority, including drug harm; violence against women and girls, and serious violent crime.

Facilitators from multiple agencies led the sessions as part of a partnership between the OPFCC Youth Service, the Youth Offending Service, NGAGE (drugs support team), Northamptonshire Police, and the Magistrates Court. 

Students spent one lesson with each of the partner organisations learning about the roles each agency has within the legal and social care systems, how they support and advise young people affected by crime and how getting involved in such crimes will impact their future.

Northamptonshire Police Community Support Officer in Corby and organiser of the initiative, Steve Coles said, ‘Secondary schools in Corby have worked in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team for many years and this project not only addresses current policing matters-of-priority, but also ties in closely with the schools’ values and priorities. We’re grateful to our partner agencies who have contributed their time and expertise to this initiative.’

Head of PSHE at BWA, Steph Schofield said, ‘The day went incredibly well and the Year 9 students engaged thoroughly with the day. The day started with an assembly where a made-up criminal activity was shared with the students. Each agency then explored the incident in more detail. Students responded well with the tasks set by the agencies in every lesson, building their knowledge of how a case is developed and the process of the criminal justice system. Our visitors were impressed with how well the students engaged in the activities they undertook.’

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