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Year 12 students teach Year 7 the skills required for a formal debate

The Year 12 debate society have been refining their debating skills and have created their own programme of delivery to teach year 7 how to debate.

Debating allows for skills in sharing views and ideas of the world, listening to others and challenging perspectives respectfully. These vital skills have been shared through workshops that were planned, with resources prepared and delivered entirely by the year 12 cohort during their IEC sessions.

Lauren Fitzjohn, Debating Society Leader said, ‘They have worked hard, and I am really proud of the outcomes. Students loved their debating lessons and were so enthusiastic about having year 12 as role models in the classroom.’

Feedback from Year 12 included:

‘The Year 7 students were very open-minded and receptive to the ideas being presented to them.’

‘I absolutely loved having the opportunity to teach a lesson and I would do it again.’

‘I had a great time teaching Year 7 debate skills, and they were very engaged and gave great feedback.’

‘They were very respectful and patient during the PowerPoint presentation and during the activities they seemed invested and happy to participate.’

‘It was fun. An amazing opportunity to see how to run a classroom from a teacher’s perspective.’



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