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AWS GetIT Programme

Students take part in an Amazon employee-led Bootcamp at BWA

Students at Brooke Weston Academy who are enrolled on the AWS GetIT programme took part in a bootcamp led by their Amazon Ambassador, Yashaswini Palleti, who supported students with their ideas and provided invaluable feedback to the groups on the app design they have been working on; to solve a problem in their school or local community.

AWS GetIT is an education programme and competition designed to inspire and empower all 12 to 14-year-old students, especially girls and other students from underrepresented communities, to gain digital skills and consider a career in technology. The programme helps students learn how to use tech and the cloud to solve real-world problems, explore different types of tech careers, and meet professionals in tech.

Careers Lead Amber Colquhoun said, ‘Yashaswini’s insight into the world of technology at Amazon was inspirational and allowed students to think more creatively to develop their app idea to solve a problem. There are some great ideas from our students, and we hope to reach the semi-finals!'





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