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Students take part in dissection workshop

As part of Biology week at Brooke Weston, students from all years were invited to attend an after school biology dissection workshop to learn about the different parts of the body and how they work.

Up to 40 students attended the event where they dissected and observed working parts of the body as well as some animals. They looked at, hearts, kidneys, eyeballs, a lung, a frog and a starfish.

Head of biology Miss Tara Kimberley said ‘Tonight has been a great success; the students have all enjoyed getting a closer look at the body parts and seeing how they work. We decided to hold the session after school to make it accessible to everyone so that the students have the freedom to come and go as they need to. It is important to run workshops like these to engage the students as I think if you are curious about a subject it increases your love for it which makes learning easier.’

Year 12 student Tapuwa Chitiga said ‘I’ve been thinking about studying medicine at university so I wanted to see what a real body dissection would look like. I’m enjoying feeling and getting hands on with something that I’ve been learning about in biology for the past few years, I have been able to actually see the different features and feel how they are.’

Year 9 student Sophie Webb said ‘My uncle is a lab professor at Oxford University and so I have always had an interest in this and thought I would come and try it for myself. I’m enjoying being able to cut the body parts and seeing what they look like inside.’

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