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Students complete their maths leaders award

Students in Year 10 completed their year long maths leaders award by planning and teaching a lesson to students in KS3.

The students will receive a nationally recognised certificate that will help them with future employers and universities. The scheme, initiated by maths teacher Ms Grace Jenkins builds students skills and confidence in maths as well as gaining role models and mentors throughout the school. Ms Jenkins said ‘Students are taught about different forms of communication in the first few terms of school; non-verbal cues, controlling their voices, planning lessons and openers and getting the students to teach during tutor times. We then reflect on each lesson so we can learn from it. They have planned the entire lesson today by themselves, which has been really impressive, and their confidence is just fantastic.

‘I think being a maths leader instils confidence and an enjoyment that they already have for maths. Being able to share that love of maths with the younger students who might not have that and to change their view is fantastic. It also helps to promote role models throughout the school.’

Year 10 student Daniel Carter said ‘I really enjoy maths it is my favourite subject and it’s nice to be able to help others. When the younger students don’t understand methods those who do understand need to be able to be there to help them so that they can learn what others already know. It teaches us how to be more empathetic towards the younger students and teaches ways of helping others, not just in maths but also in life. It also helps to build up a community feel around the school.’

Year 10 student Dominic Cusk said ‘I enjoy maths so I want to be able to help others enjoy maths. I like seeing people working away at the problems and understanding them. Sometimes the best way to learn and consolidate something is to teach it to others as sometimes you see things that you didn’t see when you learnt it yourself.’

The maths leaders from this year will support the new Year 10 leaders in the first few weeks of term before leaving to focus on their exams, re-joining again in year 12 to help the Year 11’s.

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