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Final A Level success stories

Here’s the final instalment that celebrates the success of our A Level students this year.

Vanessa Mumba is celebrating an A in BPE and C’s in Chemistry and Biology. She will be joining the Army to study Radiography. She said ‘I am so happy as I didn’t think I would pass Chemistry and I did! I had to cry to my teacher every night to ask for his help and I think he will be so happy for me when he finds out that I passed with a C! I worked really hard this year, especially in Chemistry. I’m very excited about joining the Army and start my training in April. I wanted to do something challenging and I wanted to work in the health sector but I knew I didn’t want to do a medicine degree or nursing so I went to the careers advisor and we searched and searched for good health professions and I fell in love with Radiography. I always wanted to do something in the Army and they gave me the opportunity to study Radiography. Until I start my training I might go to college and study a short course to keep my brain active or I might find an internship.’

Tom Beach gained an A* in DT, an A in Spanish and B in History. He has a place at Aston University in Birmingham where he will study International Business and Spanish but has decided to take a Gap year before he takes it up. He said, ‘I’m taking a year out before I go to university to go travelling around South America, stay with family in Australia and work for a bit in New Zealand. I have the first half already booked up and leave in October. I’ve always wanted to take a gap year since I was younger as I have family all over the world and I wanted to go and visit them before I settle down. My results were better than I thought. I think the biggest part of achieving the better grades was that I didn’t do very well in my AS exams and realised that I would have to put a lot more work in to get the results that I wanted. I didn’t expect to get these though! I think taking a gap year is something different to put on your CV and it gives you different life experiences and will be lots of fun.’

John Dowes is celebrating C’s in History and Maths and a D in Physics and is going on to study History at the University of East Anglia. He said, ‘I am extremely happy with my results as I have wanted to study History for such a long time so I am over the moon that I got the grades I needed to achieve that. I worked so hard for the exams, all my time was spent revising and I ended up quitting my part-time job so I could fully concentrate on my exams. It was totally worth it though as I got the results I needed.’

Luke Twamley is going to Northampton University to study Policing after gaining a B in Biology and C’s in Chemistry and Sociology. He said ‘I did a lot of revision throughout the year and towards the end looking at past papers which really helped. I am so happy that my hard work paid off and can’t wait to start my course.’

Emily O’Brien is set to go to Leicester University to study Maths after gaining an A* in Maths and a B in Further Maths. She said, ‘I am over the moon that I achieved an A* in Maths as that is what I really wanted to get. I was worried about Further Maths so I’m also happy and relieved to have a B in that. I cant wait to start my course, I’m not sure what I want to do after university, I think that once I start I’ll figure out which bits I’m good at and prefer and that will help me understand what I want to do. I’m just glad it’s all over and I can relax.’

Megan Cornhill gained a B in Art and an A in her extended project and is looking forward to studying Contour Fashion at De Montfort University in Leicester. She said, ‘I’m really happy with my results especially the extended project as I did most of that on my own. I chose my own topic and project and then I had to go from researching and designing it to making the final product. I made a bra inspired my 1920’s underwear because I’m taking contour fashion at De Montfort. I put a lot of hard work into my subjects and I’m relieved its over and I know that I got the results that I needed.’

Once again, well done to all of our students who worked so hard for their results. We wish you all the best of luck for the future.

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