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Students watch live streaming of Carnegie/Greenaway Book shadowing awards

Students who had taken part in the shadowing of the Carnegie/Greenway awards over the last three months were able to watch the awards being streamed live from the RIBA in London yesterday.

Having hosted our own awards together with local schools at the end of last week it was enjoyable for the students to watch the ceremony live and to discover if the actual results matched those that they had voted for as winners.

The official winners were ‘Salt to the Sea’ by Ruta Sepety for the Carnegie award and ‘There is a tribe of Kids’ by Lane Smith for the Greenaway award.

Librarian Ms Wendy McCabe said ‘I think it was important for the students to watch the live streaming event as they have been taking part in the process for the past three months. They have read the books and taken part in the activities and spent so much time and effort working on the project that it was nice for them to be able to see the end result. I think that it is fantastic that it is streamed live so you feel part of the event even though you aren’t actually there. It was Ruta who won the Carnegie award which was fantastic as not only did we vote for her in our awards but the students had a live Skype call with her only a few weeks ago which made them feel more engaged with her.’

Year 8 student Sophie Webb said ‘I liked taking part in the shadowing as there are people that I know from here that can be quite shy and when you are in a group like this it makes it easier because you have something else to talk about which creates a connection with new people and helps you to make new friends. My favourite book was ‘Salt to the Sea’ as I liked the meaning behind it and also how the author did extensive research for the book. I thought it was really good that we have already spoken to her via Skype as it gave us our own emotional feelings about her. It makes you feel a little bit more important because we have already interviewed her and it’s a cool thing to do.’

Year 8 student Seren Devine said ‘I like to read lots of books so I have enjoyed the social interaction during the shadowing where you can be around people that also like books and can relate to you as you have the same interests. All the books that we have read have a meaning so it helps you become more aware and prepares you for situations in later life.’

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