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Lower school sponsored ‘Readathon’

This week sees the launch of Brooke Weston’s sponsored ‘Readathon’ for all lower school students to help raise money for children’s hospitals across the UK.

‘Readathon’ is a nationally sponsored event that raises money through sponsorship to provide books and storyteller visits to sick children in hospitals.

Students in the lower school will receive a sponsorship card and a reading miles passport and will then use their passports to collect reading miles to travel around the world.

Ten minutes reading equates to 500 miles, with five different journeys around the world to complete, if students read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day they will have read their way around the world in 30 days. Students can read e-books, magazines fact or fiction and can collect their miles either in school or at home.

‘Readathon’ was established to encourage young people to have a positive attitude towards reading, enjoy different genres and styles and help other children throughout the UK. English teacher Ms Lauren Fitzjohn said ‘The true aim of the event is to empower young people to take responsibility for their learning, which is something I try to instill in all of my students. ‘Readathon’ enables them to help others through the power of reading.’

The closing date to complete the around the world challenge is Friday 31st March and all monies should be handed into the finance office by Friday 7th April.

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