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Maths Leaders demonstrate revision resources at the Sixth Form open evening

Students from Year 10 attended the Sixth Form open evening where they demonstrated online maths revision resources to parents and potential new students.

There are four different revision sources available online that students can access to help with their grades and improve their studies at home. It is useful for parents to be able to understand the sites students are visiting and how they can help them, which the maths leaders demonstrated with great confidence at the event.

Year 10 students Abbie Wallace and Jasminder Ahluwalia helped at the Sixth Form event and are part of the maths leaders scheme. Abbie said ‘We are using Pixl Maths which you can access on your phone as an app so it is much quicker to use. There are also resources on the VLE, plus Hegarty Maths and My Maths, which are all programmes that I use myself. They are so easy to use and helpful in your studies and we wanted to be able to demonstrate this to parents and students at the open evening.

‘As Year 10s we mentor the younger students and get them to tutor students. If someone is struggling in a younger year then an older year helps them. You don’t have to be great at maths to be a maths leader, just as long as you know what you are talking about, how to develop your knowledge and have passion for the subject then anyone can do it. It is definitely helpful with communication and it is a good way of getting you talking to people.’

Jasminder said ‘I really enjoy being a maths leader and not only am I helping other students it has also improved my own maths skills as if I don’t understand something there are other maths leaders that can explain the concepts to me.’

The Maths Leaders scheme was set up by teachers Miss Jenkins and Mr Johnson. Miss Jenkins said ‘I felt that as a school we were developing some excellent mentors and coaches in the department but they deserved some official recognition of these skills and came across the Maths Leaders Award provided by Sports Leaders UK.

‘It gives the students an opportunity to work on their communication, organisation and motivational skills. I think it gives the leaders a huge boost in confidence after they have led an entire class, and by observing each other have become very reflective on their practice, just like we as teachers do. The soft skills they are building will help them to stand out when it comes to their future after Brooke Weston and of course it is fun as well’

Maths Leaders is open to anyone in year 10 so current Year 9s will be able to apply for next year. The best starting point is to become a Year 8 or 9 maths mentor which is set up by Mr Johnson and runs during tutor times under year 10 supervision.

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