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Year 8 option meetings

Year 8 students have been spending time with Careers Advisor Mr Primmett to help them decide which subjects to choose for Year 9.

The meetings, which students attend in pairs, are designed to offer students a second opinion and to suggest ideas should the student be unsure. It is stressed that ultimately, students have total control of their choices.

Mr Primmett offers three top tips when choosing options he says:

‘Firstly, the subjects you choose should be something that you enjoy.

‘Secondly, it is a good idea to choose a creative subject to create ‘balance’ in a study programme. Employers are increasingly placing high value on creativity as a key employability skill.

‘Thirdly and most importantly, students should be aware that certain options create potential ‘pathways’ in terms of opening up career options in Year 11 and the Sixth Form. Design technology, Computer Science and Business are particularly good for this’.

Other GCSE options available include Food Technology, Art, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts and Sport.

Mr Primmett said ‘The Academy trialled this exercise last year and the results were carefully evaluated. It was judged to be successful and the process has been further refined for this year.

‘Choosing options carefully is a great opportunity to do something new and enjoyable whilst at the same time opening up potential career opportunities later on.’

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