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Reading Group Naming Competition

Congratulations to Keira Hazelwood from Year 7 who won a goody bag of prizes for coming up 'Bookbusters' - the new name of Brooke Weston Academy’s book group –

Librarian Wendy McCabe said: ‘Members of Brooke Weston Book Club were challenged to suggest a new name for our reading group. There were lots of interesting names put forward including Brooke Worms, Book Weston Academy, Eager Readers and even Miss McCabe’s Minions! Students then had to vote for three options in order of preference and after careful verification of votes ‘Book Busters’ was the winner.

Keira, from Year 7, said: ' I thought Bookbusters sounded good. I really like books so I like having the time to read at book club. We normally meet once a week but because we are shadowing the Carnegie prize we now meet on Wednesday and Thursdays in the run-up to the competition.’

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