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BWA introduces bespoke study buddy for GCSE students

Brooke Weston Academy has produced an ingenious ‘study buddy’, a tailored guide to help students revise for this summer’s GCSEs in bite-sized chunks.

 The booklet, which has been designed and originated by Assistant Principal and Head of English Matt Rodger and his department, means that students can pick from a variety of five different tasks, over nine weeks covering separate GCSE texts and topics. The intention is that even if they have just a brief amount of time they can still make good use of it.

Mr Rodger said: ‘Each year there is always that challenge of how to inspire students for those last 50 days in the run up to exams. We have a multitude of revision strategies and always reinforce that revision needs to be little and often, so it is about developing habitual techniques. This is a culmination of a whole lot of collective intelligence in the department about how we can put something together that students can have and work through, doing one task a day, tear it off, file it in their revision notes or hand it to their teacher for a bit of instant feedback. It really is a portable revision book that sees them through to the start of exams.There are five tasks and five themes that repeat nine times in the book.

‘We are printing one for each Year 11 student and I am sure they will love it.. Students want to know how to manage their revision time so these chunked revision tasks mean they can master a particular skill or technique. Our Year 11s are a very special cohort and anything that we can do to help them cope with what is an incredibly busy period in a more managed way is only a good thing. This has provoked so much reaction, both from students and on social media that I am sure we will develop more, maybe across different departments or even across different schools in the Trust.

Students Amelia Sulch and Tate Eppey got a sneak peek at the study buddy before it went on general release. Tate said: ‘I think it is brilliant. It is another example of the great support we get from our teachers here and I am really excited to use it. It covers a lot of areas because it can be quite difficult to know how to revise and this guides us in a really good way.’



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