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More GCSE success at BWA

Here’s what three more of our high achieving students are planning next:

Tumininu Ogundero was awarded one 9, seven 8s, four 7s and 1A.

She said: ‘This feels good and I worked hard for them. The 8 in English is most surprising as it is definitely my least favourite subject! I am coming back to do chemistry, biology, maths and psychology with a view to doing chemical engineering. My advice to other students is to make sure you pay attention in lessons and, even though it is hard, if you work through the work will start getting easier.’



Gianne Corpuz achieved one 9, one 8, four 7s, four 6s and one 5.

She said: ‘These results were not what I expected. My English Literature shocked me because I got a 9 in that! I am coming back to do biology, chemistry, English lit and maths. I am not sure what I want to do eventually, maybe dentistry or biochemistry.’



Lucy Krisciunas was delighted with six 8s, four 7s and a 6

She said: ‘I am most pleased with my marks for English, history, media and photography. I am coming back to do English, history and media. I am not sure what I want to do eventually but may go to university. I did put a lot of hard work in to get these results.’

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