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Final GCSE success stories from BWA

Here’s the final round-up in our series celebrating the achievements of our GCSE students this year. This is what our final students are planning next:

Julia Dudzinska achieved five 9s, an 8, 7 and 6.

She said: ‘I got really great grades. I didn’t expect them. I wasn’t targeted for nines and I received five 9s! My lowest grade was a 6 in maths and I was really pleased with that as I was really worried about whether I had passed that. I got a 7 in Business and an 8 in English language and I was really overjoyed with that. I also got a 9 in English Literature and I love that, I want to take that as an A Level because I love literature in general. I also want to do Business and Religion at A Level. Religion is one of my favourite subjects that I enjoy learning about.

‘I stayed on every day that I could for extra revision sessions and also worked for about two to three hours at home at night. My future is still undecided and I am taking quite different subjects, like business and religion but I am not sure what I want to do eventually. I hope that when I get good A Levels that they will lead to something great.’


Erin Barnett was awarded two 9s, two 8s and four 7s, a 5 and a 4.

She said: ‘I was most pleased by my history and English language as I got 9s for both of them. I am going to stay at BWA and hopefully study English literature, history and religious studies. I am not sure what I want to do eventually, I’ll see how it goes.

‘I put as much work as I could into it because I really wanted to get good results. I did lots of work after school and at the weekend. After school me and my friend had revision sessions with Mr Hawksley just to improve our science and all the after school activities were really good and helpful.’


Ropafadzo Nyaruwa is celebrating three 9s, four 8s, three 7s and a B in further maths

She said: ‘I was most pleased with history because I was really struggling with it all year. At the start of Year 11 I got a 2 in the mocks, I then got a 5. Then on results day I got a 9 so I am over the moon. I did put a lot of effort in and I came in early in the mornings to work with Miss Northern. She is definitely the reason I got these results. I couldn’t have done it without her! I have been doing well in English all year so I am glad it showed. I got 9s in English Language and Literature so I am really glad my effort is shown in my results.'


Congratulations to all our students, particularly Ellis Martin-Hall, Aleksa Trkulja and Cleo Maton who all achieved top graded GCSEs this year.

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