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2019/2020 Head Boy/Girl

Head Boy Sharon Sajan is studying four A Levels and has ambitions to study medicine at university. He said: ‘Although I joined Brooke Weston Academy relatively recently at the start of Year 12, I wanted the role as I would like to contribute as much as possible in a new environment. I try to take every opportunity I am given.

‘Being Head Boy will give me the opportunity to practice leadership and public speaking. I have got good organisational and interpersonal skills and I try to develop my networking as well.

‘I have interests in photography and have played basketball. I have also worked at the Kumon tuition centre for about three years teaching students. The trick is to balance school life with this new extra role. It will be a challenge at first but I am pretty organised.’

Madysun Buchanan, who is studying three A Levels, hopes to be a forensic chemist. She said: ‘When I started in Year 7 there wasn’t a Head Girl role so when it was introduced it was something I really aspired to be. I didn’t have the easiest start in Year 7 and Brooke Weston Academy did a lot for me.

‘I wanted to be able to give something back and show that I was appreciative and even though situations might be hard you can get through. I am a bit nervous with public speaking so I think the role will help with that.

‘I consider myself a people person so if anyone has any issues I feel I can understand their situation. The challenge as Head Girl is always having to be on point and making sure that you are a role model for the younger students.’

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