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BWA students experience 'Dissection Live'

Science students at Brooke Weston Academy had the opportunity to take part in an after-school ‘Dissection Live’ workshop when teacher Dan Hawksley also dissected a preserved jumbo frog, which was shown in full detail on a large screen.

Around 40 students from Years 7 to 11 signed up to take part and another 40 Sixth Form biology students acted as assistants to develop their leadership skills.

Mr Hawksley said: ‘This was a great opportunity for students to study and cut up tissue including hearts, kidneys, lungs, fish heads, brains, trotters and eyes. The Sixth Form students worked really well with the younger year groups, pointing out key features to look for. It was a really interactive workshop of discovery and gave students the chance to experience a variety of samples.'

To see a gallery of photographs click  here.

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