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BWA students teach chess to Principal Pete Kirkbride

Brooke Weston Academy students taught Principal Pete Kirkbride how to play chess at the Academy’s weekly club.

It was the first time that Mr Kirkbride had ever played and the students took him through the basics in an after-school session.

The club is run by Assistant Librarian Tom Holton, who said: ‘It takes place after school on Tuesdays from 4.05 until 5pm and is quite a small and friendly group. We go through different openings, rules and types of play and sometimes we do chess variants, such as ‘Take Me Chess’ or ‘Atomic Chess’. It is a good game for enhancing brain function and it is great for memory and focus so there are a lot of advantages to playing. All students are welcome, regardless of their age, experience or ability. It is a friendly club and only gets serious in the summer when we have the Trust chess tournament!’

Principal Pete Kirkbride said: ‘It was great fun and nice to stop and spend time with the students. I have never been taught chess but it is a strategic game and, with my background, I enjoy tactics. The students taught me the basics and hopefully I’ll pop down to chess club a bit more.’


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