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More GCSE success stories

Well done to all our students from BWA who are celebrating their GCSE exam results.

Here’s our latest round-up of our highest performing students and what they are planning next:

Derick Lukonge was awarded two 9s, three 8s, a 7, two 6s and a 5. He said: ‘I was most happy with both of my English results. I am coming back to study maths, further maths, design technology and physics. I am planning on doing engineering at university as I like the hands-on approach it takes to problem solving. I would like to go into robotic engineering. I was very happy to get my results.’

Evie Walker is celebrating two 9s, four 8s and three 7s. She said: ‘I was happy with my geography as I got a 9 in that. I am returning to study geography, English literature, biology and psychology. I want to go to university, maybe to do psychology. I was really pleased with the results.’

Dean Ruthven (left) is ‘over the moon’ with his grades. He said: ‘I am coming back to study media, English language and drama as I want to get into the TV and film industry. I’d like to focus on scriptwriting and then maybe appearing in small acting roles.’

Jasdeep Dhassi achieved five 9s, three 8s, a 7 and a 6. She said: ‘I am going to study maths, biology, English language and history in Sixth Form as I don’t know whether I want to go more towards sciences at degree level or history so I thought I would do a range of subjects. I was most happy with my English marks as I didn’t expect to get two 9s. The school was helpful throughout my GCSE course. I walked in the room with quite a lot of nerves so it was a big relief when I saw my marks.’

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