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Final BWA success stories

Here’s our final round up of GCSE success stories and what our students are planning next:

Ben Beader (above) got two 9s, three 8s and five 7s. He said: ‘I’m feeling happy and I want to study A Level maths, biology and chemistry and eventually I want to study veterinary science at Nottingham University. I am definitely most happy with my maths and biology grades. I did work hard, staying on after school and I really tried hard for my mocks which paid off.’


Jeremy Peprah was awarded two 9s, three 8s and four 7s. He said: ‘I am over the moon as these grades are better than I expected. I did a lot of revising. I am coming back to study biology, chemistry, history and Spanish. Eventually I want to go into medicine and become a surgeon. It has been a lifelong dream of mine. I have been here since Year 7 and it has been a really good experience.’


Patrycja Dudzinska achieved two 9s, three 8s, three 7s and a 6. She said: ‘I am ecstatic. I worked really hard over the year and I was scared it wouldn’t pay off but I am really thrilled with all of my grades. I am coming back to study biology, psychology, chemistry and financial studies and maybe do psychology or medicine at university.’


Harvey Crawley is going on to an Army career, starting his basic training at Harrogate. He said: ‘I really enjoyed my time in the Brooke Weston Trust CCF so it just evolved from there. I liked all of it, you got to make friends with people from other schools and different backgrounds and we got on really well as you have the same passion for the same thing.’


Harvey Sneddon is going to college to train to become a PE teacher. He said: ‘I am most pleased with my PE and science grades, which were down to the support of Mr Hawksley and Mr Pape. It has been a very positive experience and I’ll miss BWA but I am excited to go on to college.’


Karl Balmer is celebrating his results. He said: ‘I am feeling good and these results reflect what I did, it did actually pay off. I am coming back to study psychology, geography and English language.’



Spencer Watkins said: ‘I am happy with my results and I am going to do psychology, health and social care and English language. I want to study psychology at university and become a therapist so I can help people and it’s a good career.’


Emil Joby was awarded a 9, four 8s and five 7s. She said: ‘I am so excited. I am most happy with my business and biology grades as they were difficult. I want to do chemistry, biology, maths and psychology A Levels and I am thinking of going into dentistry.’



Zane Macleod is going to attend a rugby academy at Tresham College. He is a promising young sportsman and will combine his further studies with sports training. He said: ‘It is a two year course. I was playing for the East Midlands and Scotland before lockdown, but I should go back into those squads. I am pleased with my results. I am looking forward to the rugby academy but have enjoyed my time at BWA.’


Ellie Kidd  is pleased with her results. She said: ‘I worked hardest for my maths and history grades. I am going to study forensic science at college which is a two year course. I am interested in the whole science and theory behind forensics and would like to become a crime scene investigator.’


Grace Dighton is returning to Sixth Form to study physics, maths and another subject. She said: ‘I want to study engineering at university.’

Stanley Evans achieved three 9s, two eights and three 7s. He said: ‘I am very pleased with these. I am hopefully studying English language and literature and media studies. Eventually I’d like to do journalism or law.’

Daisy Jones is celebrating her results. She said: ‘I am feeling pretty good. I want to go to college and then study psychology at university and become a child psychiatrist.’

Emilia Dennis said: ‘I am most pleased about my maths statistics grade because I am taking that for A Level alongside geography, DT and art. I would like to become an interior designer. I am pleased with these results and worked hard for them.’

From left: Grace, Stanley, Daisy and Emilia.


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