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School Site Open on 26/01/2021

Lockdown Bus Routes Running

The Brooke Weston Academy site is confirmed as open on 26/01/2021 to all staff and students who were registered to attend this week during lockdown.

Rodgers has also confirmed that the two bus routes that were operating will pick up at all stops that have been running during lockdown.

BWA School Site Closed on 25/01/2021

Remote Learning will Continue on Monday

The Brooke Weston Academy site will be closed on 25/01/2021 and all students and staff will move fully to remote education. This is due to the snow fall on 24/01/2021 and bus company notifying us that they will not be able to transport students on Monday.

As it currently stands Brooke Weston will be open on Tuesday 26/01/2021, and we will notify parents if this is not the case.

On Monday all lessons will continue as per normal as students and staff continue to engage with remote learning.

Thank you for your support.

Brooke Weston Academy.

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