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Pride at Brooke Weston Logo Competition Winners

Brooke Weston Academy celebrated Pride Month by launching a Pride at Brooke Weston logo competition. Students were encouraged to use LGBTQIA+ flags and colours in their designs, with the winning design being used on next year’s Brooke Weston Pride Month presentation, as well as receiving a prize.

Pride Month is celebrated every year in June, and it is a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ communities all around the world. It is about teaching tolerance, education in pride history, and continuing to move forward in equality.

Science teacher Miss Hutchinson, delivered a presentation to Brooke Weston students informing them all about the LGBTQIA+ community and its history. She said, ‘All students deserve to feel safe, accepted and free to be themselves.’

With over four hundred entries for the logo competition, Miss Hutchinson said, ‘It was incredibly hard for the group of LGBTQIA+ staff judges to choose a winner. It was so nice to see all the entries and how unique they were. Everyone had taken something different to focus on. We intended to just have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner, but we were unable to just leave it there. We had to have a winner from each year group as well, plus a special mention for a great entry we have affectionately nicknamed "Pride Dragon".’


1st - Kieran Robertson - 8N

2nd - Evie Holt - 7N

3rd - Faith Wycherley - 7B

Year 7 - Phoebe Martin - 7S

Year 8 - Kaine Hall - 8B

Year 9 - Ellie Bonar - 9S

Year 10 - Charlotte Fletcher - 10K

Year 12 - Zoe Patel - 12S

Honourable mention – Addison Wilson - 8N

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