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Year 12 Debate Champions get ‘Noisy in the Classroom’

Brooke Weston Academy Year 12 debate champions, participated in an online, impromptu ‘Noisy Classroom’ debate, in partnership with the University of Northampton, entitled ‘This house would legalise assisted suicide.’ An emotive and controversial topic, there were extremely powerful arguments on both sides.

Noisy Classroom are a training organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of speaking and listening in the classroom. Alison Coates, Learning and Development Manager for Noisy Classroom, judging the debate, said, ‘This was some really excellent work. Not only did we see some strong arguments from both the proposition and opposition, but the debaters structured their work very effectively. We also saw some superb responses in terms of points of information and rebuttal. Really well done to all involved! Congratulations to all our debaters!’

Lauren Fitzjohn, Literacy Coordinator at Brooke Weston, leads the Year 12 IEC debating society and felt both proud and humbled watching the class engage with the stimuli; ‘their ideas were mature and empathetic, whilst being challenging and simultaneously respectful. At the heart of this year we have focussed on building our social awareness and confidence in social speaking and delivery; whilst we harness our points of view, the class understand the fundamental needs to be both honest and considerate to the views of others. It is a pleasure to guide our students and support this essential life skill.’

The debating society will now look to cascade their skills through mentoring the lower years - further instilling their own confidence, whilst empowering others through building the life skills required to articulate point of view and perspective.

One of the students who engaged on the day, Dylan, said, ‘Debating has given me a confidence in public speaking and sharing ideas that have proven very useful outside of school in my extra – curricular activities. It has an intellectually stimulating atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone!’

The opportunity of engaging internationally with other like-minded students has also been offered to the debating society as a consequence of their performance. This debating opportunity will span the summer break and offer exposure to further varied viewpoint and opinion, a fabulous wider opportunity for our young people.

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