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Student Leadership Team Appointed

Congratulations to Year 12 students Adwoa Abeka, Stanley Evans, Oli Hackett and Holly Marshall, who have all recently been appointed as Brooke Weston’s student leaders for the coming year. Senior Vice Principal, Mrs Smith, asked for written applications to be submitted and the top candidates were interviewed by members of the Senior Leadership team, with Adwoa, Stanley, Oli and Holly being awarded the prestigious roles.

Mrs Smith said, ‘In terms of applications we had huge interest this year from students in becoming student leaders, over 20 applications and we interviewed 10 students, all of an amazing quality and with many strengths. There are lots of exciting plans underway and they will be sharing their first initiative with students when we come back in August.’

Adwoa, who joined Brooke Weston Academy relatively recently at the start of Year 12, said, ‘One of the reasons I applied for the role was to gain leadership experience. I‘ve always wanted to work in a corporate environment, which will certainly involve working as part of team or leading a team. I believe that the skills I can gain from being a part of the student leadership team will support me in my career choice, as it will enable me to gain experience in that position of responsibility. My main focus in this role is to achieve equal opportunities for all, by providing more accessibility to resources and information for all careers. I believe this is essential not only in sixth form, but throughout the entire school, so younger students have the opportunity to succeed in whatever they put their minds to.’

Oli, who is planning for a career in media or music, said, ‘I moved to Brooke Weston half way through year 8 and I’m very glad I did! The value placed on hard work and dedication at Brooke Weston is key to achieving goals within the sixth form. In the role, I hope to give a voice to all students and to ensure that their ideas, opinions and values are considered and championed equally.’

Stanley and Holly, who both joined Brooke Weston in Year 7, are hoping to make a real difference to school life. Stanley, who intends pursuing a career in law, said, ‘I have been extremely appreciative of the time and the effort dedicated to make my experience at Brooke Weston as enjoyable and informative as possible. The role of student leader allows me to give back, and hopefully impart my love of learning to others through the student leader programme. I endeavour to further establish Brooke Weston as a place for all to thrive and learn, with diversity in mind especially.’

Holly, who has ambitions to study marine biology and oceanography at university said, ‘One of the main values in Brooke Weston is resilience and this has pushed me to try my hardest in all areas. I decided to apply for the position of student leader as I wanted to become a role model for younger pupils. I think student voice is very important when creating a good school community, so I really wanted to be a part of that. It was quite a competitive process and the quality of candidates was high, so I’m delighted to have been successful. I am looking forward to working with the other student leaders who were also chosen.’

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