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Year 13 Impress During Mock Interviews

Year 13 students at Brooke Weston Academy had invaluable preparation for university and working life as a team of professionals held mock interviews and gave constructive feedback on their performance. It gave students the opportunity for real life experience in a formal setting so that they will be better prepared in the future, with an understanding of how to present themselves and possible questions they may face.

Volunteers from HSBC, Unilever, Wilson Browne Solicitors, University of Northampton, Ascendal Group, University of Suffolk, Tata Steel and Hanlon Corporate Advisory Ltd were sent capture sheets completed by the students to give them an idea of what the students chosen courses and careers were and also some interesting things about them which helped them to prepare questions that would be relevant to the students’ needs. Each student had 30 minutes with their interviewer which included the interview and a chance to get some constructive feedback.

Nic Hanlon, Director at Hanlon Corporate Advisory Ltd, said, ‘To any employer or university out there looking for future talent, if you see Brooke Weston Academy on a CV, rest assured you will be meeting a quality individual. The standard of Year 13 students I interviewed this year has yet again been outstanding.  Highly motived, highly intelligent and highly employable - every one of them’

Hannah Bayliss, and Ika Castka from Wilson Browne Solicitors, were equally impressed with our students.  Hannah said, ‘It was such a pleasure meeting with all of the students at Brooke Weston. Every single one of them had high aspirations and were very impressive to talk to. I wish them all the best of luck with their future and have no doubt they will excel in anything they set their minds to.’

Ika said, ‘We all really enjoyed spending time with the students and they are certainly an impressive group of young people.  Hopefully our time with them will have given them some pointers for future interviews, university and work life and career aspirations.’

Christopher Todd, Network Manager at HSBC, said, ‘It was my first time completing these interviews and I was very impressed with the students of Brooke Weston; their maturity, confidence and clear understanding of their next steps in their future career path was a real credit to the school and I would welcome the opportunity to complete these interviews again in future.’

Aemilia McDonnell, from The University of Suffolk, said, ‘Thank you for inviting me to interview, I really enjoyed meeting your students - they were polite, bright and motivated and had clear ideas about their future plans, which was pleasing to hear.’

Director of Sixth Form at Brooke Weston, Caity Brennan, said, ‘The students were surprised at all the strengths they already possess and were given tangible things they could improve on’

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