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Aaron and Daniel Skydive For Charity

Well done to Year 13 students, Aaron Steel and Daniel Wrightson, who recently faced their fears and undertook a skydive for charity to raise money for Covid:Aid; the UK’s national charity dedicated to supporting those significantly affected by Covid-19.

The tandem skydive took place at Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire, where Aaron and Daniel jumped, harnessed to the front of a fully qualified parachuting instructor, from 15,000ft; the highest you can skydive from in the UK. From this height, they enjoyed one whole adrenaline-fuelled minute of freefall reaching terminal velocity at 120mph before the parachute opened at around 5,000ft at which point they enjoyed 5 minutes taking in the spectacular views of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Aaron said, ‘Originally the jump was a gift for my 18th birthday but I decided to turn it into a charity event as Covid-19 has affected so many people. It was a very interesting and unique experience which is difficult to compare with anything else I’ve ever done; I haven’t even been on a rollercoaster before! The fall was exhilarating and the parachuting felt like we were walking on air’

Daniel said, ‘I found it hard to breathe due to the extreme wind of 120mph. I was asleep and awake at the same time after the parachute opened, due to the blood rushing to my feet; I was audibly snoring but still wide awake!’

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored Aaron and Daniel.  If you haven’t so far, but would like to donate, please use the link below. Donations close on 17th December 2021.

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