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Year 11 attend study skills workshop

Students in Year 11 attended a workshop by Dai Perks from Maximize Your Potential to help with their study skills in preparation for their GCSEs.

Maximize delivers motivational study skills seminars for students in Years 7 – 13 that encourage students to become independent learners and find inner motivation and resilience to succeed.

The courses are designed to equip students with a range of practical revision skills and exam ‘know-how’ and to understand how effective time management can help them to feel in control of their learning, and minimise stress.

During the session they covered a number of topics including motivation, memory, managing time, managing stress, revision skills and exam techniques. Students also hugely benefitted from Dai’s experience as an examiner and the insight information this provided for them.

Assistant Principal Mrs Claudia Hibberd said, ‘Students learnt a lot from this session and were given many new techniques that they might not have thought of to help prepare themselves for their forthcoming exams. They left feeling more confident and equipped with the tools to help them revise and minimise their stress.

One Year 11 student said, ‘I really liked the idea of using story telling to help with revision; I will definitely try using that. Also to remember why you are doing the revision and to trust in what you know and not stress too much.’

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