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Consultation Outcome

Elective Programme and changes to academy timetable


Thank you for your feedback on the proposed changes to our academy timetable. We are pleased to have received over 550 responses to the survey and greatly appreciate the time and effort that went into your comments. Overall, 76% of comments were in favour of offering an Elective Programme and as a result, we will be adopting an after-school elective session for all students on Wednesday afternoons and reducing the school day slightly.

We do not take any changes to our provision lightly and, over the last three weeks, have carefully reviewed your comments in order to make a decision we feel protects the key features that make Brooke Weston Academy special.

In particular, we know some parents were concerned about the reduction of lesson time, so we have adapted the proposal so that all lessons are now 70-minutes long. This is therefore only a 5-minute reduction in lesson time, and will mean that over their five years, students will still have an additional 833 hours of teaching compared to a typical secondary, which is equivalent to almost a full year of extra schooling. This does not include the elective which will further add to their education and development.

Summary of proposed changes – what will it mean for you and your child?

The key proposed changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Reduce the number of tutor times each day to one
  • Establish a compulsory 60-minute Elective Programme following Lesson 5 on Wednesdays
  • Move to 70-minute lessons (lessons will no longer be shorter on a Wednesday as per the original proposal, however the day will end slightly later)
  • Begin the school day at the same time – with the building open for students as they arrive on buses from 8.00am
  • The official end to the school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will become 3.30pm (currently 4.05pm)
  • The official end to the school day on Wednesday will be 4.30pm
  • The school transport for students on a Wednesday will be moved to allow for 4:30pm pick up
  • Students will be able to remain at the school to use the library and study areas until 5.00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with a late bus running on Tuesday and Thursday

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