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Student Appointed as Cabinet Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands

Congratulations to Year 9 student, Atipa Mugoro, who has recently been appointed as Shadow Cabinet Executive for the Government at Sustainable Transport Midlands (STM).

STM are a transport innovation and enhancement group based in Northampton which was founded by Chief Executive, Harry Burr, who is just 15 years old, when he noticed there was a real gap in sustainable transport infrastructure in the region. They operate multiple campaigns and support local authorities and the industry across the region and the rest of the United Kingdom in order to ensure investment in sustainable and green public transport is prioritised and to make sure it’s accessible and inclusive.

Atipa, who is also a Northants Emergency Services Cadet, as well as a Senior Army cadet, will be part of a group of young volunteers at STM who will act as a direct link between local, regional and national government concerning new transport projects.

He said, ‘I applied as it is something that interests me and will help keep me busy. Additionally, I knew that this role would help me gain some insight into the government which is great for my future career prospects as I would like to work in politics and defence so this would be ideal to add to my CV.  At the moment I am working with Daventry Transport Development Group on the current project which is to improve Daventry’s public transport offering by installing an electric sustainable train link to Daventry. I'm looking forward to working with this amazing team and making sure that this project is finished to the best of my ability.’

If you’re an avid campaigner looking for a change, or a student who needs some experience in the world of transport, or politics, this may just be the volunteer role for you. If you’re interested in applying to become a volunteer with STM visit

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