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Students awarded ‘gold’ certificates from the STEM SMART team at Cambridge University

Congratulations to Year 13 students, Blazej Puchala and Alan Zajac, who have both received certificates with a gold achievement from the STEM SMART team at Cambridge University in recognition of their active participation in phase two of the STEM SMART programme.

STEM SMART is an initiative from the University of Cambridge in association with Isaac Physics, to support students in raising their attainment at school and develop their confidence to apply to study physical or biological sciences or engineering at top universities.

Blazej and Alan have both been undertaking the STEM SMART programme since January last year as part of their applications for top universities. Both students are applying to study engineering and are currently achieving A*s in all of their subjects.

The programme involves weekly questions (many of which develop problem-solving techniques, which go beyond the requirements of A-levels) as well as supporting their learning within the syllabus.  Both students also attend online tutorials in each subject and send in their written solutions to questions for marking.

Blazej said, ‘I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-level and I have received an offer to study Engineering at the University of Cambridge. The programme has been very useful and enjoyable. It has definitely helped me with my university applications and given me confidence in my exams. My problem-solving skills have certainly been tested, and have improved over the last year. I attended a residential at Cambridge University in August, where I met many new people and experienced lectures each day and enjoyed formal dinners and social activities. It was a great experience. As I'm going to study engineering at university, I hope to work in a closely related field or do a PhD - the idea of working on satellites, rockets and rovers, or at CERN, really appeals to me.’

Alan, who is currently studying A-levels Maths, Further Maths and Physics said, ‘I would like to go to university to study Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering as in the future I plan to work in a field related to F1 or the aerospace industry. The STEM SMART programme has been challenging but enjoyable, and I have most enjoyed meeting various students and academics at the University of Cambridge. It has helped me by teaching me new ways of approaching problems and handling complex problems.’

Phase 3 of the programme runs from January – April 2023 and will conclude with an online STEM SMART graduation ceremony for students in May. 

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