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  • BWA Sixth Formers learn about university interview techniques

    Published 21/01/20

    Sixth Formers from Brooke Weston Academy attended a PiXL conference for prospective medics, vets, dentists and pharmacists to prepare them for university interviews

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  • BWA students attend Sutton Trust and Uniq summer schools

    Published 17/06/19

    Several of our Sixth Formers have been accepted onto summer schools with the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and other top higher education providers.

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  • Students visit Tresham College

    Published 03/06/19

    Year 11 students at Brooke Weston Academy visited toured Tresham College and learned about the range of courses it offers. They saw the facilities and equipment and gained an insight into life at the local FE college.

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  • Brooke Weston Academy stages its largest ever careers fair

    Published 19/03/19

    Brooke Weston Academy is staging a massive careers fair next week with more than 50 local and national exhibitors.

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  • Talented mathematicians have advances after-school sessions

    Published 01/03/19

    Our talented mathematicians are taking part in after school sessions to help them prepare for interviews and STEP tests at top universities.

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  • Trust students have mock interview with BWT Director

    Published 18/12/18

    Brooke Weston Trust Director Mr Heneage Stevenson met Sixth Formers from Trust schools and gave them mock interviews in order to prepare them for their applications to Oxbridge.

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  • Sixth Formers have mock interviews with Governors and professionals

    Published 10/12/18

    Sixth Formers at Brooke Weston Academy had invaluable preparation for university and working life as a team of professionals held mock interviews and gave constructive feedback on their performance.

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  • Brooke Weston Trustee offers advice to Sixth Formers

    Published 12/12/17

    A group of prospective Cambridge and Oxford students travelled to London to meet with one of Brooke Weston Academy’s trustees, Mr Heneage Stevenson who offered help and advice ahead of their university interviews.

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  • High achieving students visit Cambridge college

    Published 19/11/16

    Two groups of high achieving students from Years 10 and 11 visited Pembroke College Cambridge for an introduction to university life.

    They met current undergraduates, toured the college and visited Sedgwick Museum. It was useful for those who aspire to study at Oxbridge and was a great way to boost their knowledge of what university study entails..

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  • Welcome to our School Direct trainees

    Published 14/11/16

    Welcome to the trainee teachers who are just starting their placements at Brooke Weston as part of the School Direct programme. The year-long course combines university study and school experience and successful candidates will be awarded a PGCE qualification next summer.

    The trainees, specialising in English, maths, science, French and history, are a mix of recent undergraduates and those who have had jobs in other sectors but who want a career change to teaching.

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  • Rajmund‚Äôs excellent results reflect his status as most improved student

    Published 07/09/16

    Rajmund Baranyi faced huge challenges to gain his excellent GCSE qualifications of a Distinction in Business, a B in food technology, Cs in English and maths and Ds in science, additional science and geography.

    When he started at Brooke Weston, not only did Rajmund have blindness to contend with, but English wasn’t his first language. Since joining us five years ago he has had the support of a Visual Impairment team who have accompanied him to lessons and made sure he has all the resources and equipment he needed to learn and take part in practical tasks.

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