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  • Prize Giving 2023

    Published 22/09/23

    BWA Prize Giving celebrates student achievements

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  • Inspirational talk by Polar Conrad Dickinson

    Published 24/09/18

    Conrad Dickinson was guest speaker at Brooke Weston Academy’s Prize Giving where he told students and staff how his love of adventure started early and progressed to him being the first and only Briton to complete the Polar ‘Grand Slam’ travelling unsupported to both North and South Poles, as well as leading a team to Siberia. More recently he was part of the ‘Walk with the Wounded’ team, including Prince Harry and wounded servicemen, who trekked to the South Pole.

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  • Prize giving 2018

    Published 21/09/18

    Explorer Conrad Dickinson was Guest of Honour at Brooke Weston Academy’s Prize Giving 2018. He spoke about how his early adventures led to both Arctic and Antarctic expeditions and he has achieved the ‘Polar Trilogy’, travelling unsupported to both North and South poles and travelling across Siberia. He encouraged our students to aim high and gave them valuable life lessons during his inspirational presentation.

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  • Brooke Weston Academy Prize Giving 2017

    Published 22/09/17

    Mechanical Engineer and Fluid Dynamicist Dr. Shini Somara was the guest of honour at our 2017 Prize Giving where she spoke about the importance of empowering girls to be successful and inspiring others about the magic, importance and difference science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) can make.

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  • George Bullard recounts his Greenland adventure

    Published 26/09/16

    Explorer and adventurer George Bullard is a world record breaking explorer and endurance athlete who has covered more than 2,000 miles on foot in the polar regions. He has spent more than 10 per cent of his life under canvas and, most recently, kayaked from Greenland to Scotland.

    At the age of 19 he completed the world’s longest fully unsupported polar journey, a feat that exploere Sir Ranulph Fiennes described as ‘genuinely groundbreaking.’ As well as polar exploration he has taken part in the Transatlantic race, led youth development programmes in the Amazon and facilitated research expeditions in Antarctica.

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  • BW Prizegiving 2016

    Published 23/09/16

    Intrepid explorer and adventurer George Bullard was the guest of honour at our 2016 Prizegiving where he spoke about his latest adventure, kayaking thousands of miles from Greenland to Scotland.

    He and fellow explorer Ollie Hicks paddled 1500 miles from Greenland and ended up 66 days later (and just a fortnight ago) on the beach at Balnakiel Bay on the north of Scotland. They travelled via Iceland and the Faroes and navigated the dreaded Devil’s Dancefloor before becoming marooned on North Rona for a week, surviving on rainwater and wildlife including limpets and sea birds.

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